Fun in the sun in “rainy” Ireland

Most people feel that when they take a big vacation they need to be busy at all times. Just take a look at the itineraries that tour bus companies set up. Drive, snap picture, drive again. My original plan called for us to do some kind of sightseeing or guided tour most days. The weather has been unusually warm and sunny. We decided that today would be a day to play hooky from our plans. We spied a sliver of sand from our window and thought that it would be a great destination.

Our own private beach

There is a saying that half the journey is just getting there. Couldn’t be more true of our private piece of sand!! We once again went over two stone walls and a couple of barbed wires. Across some gorse (very prickly if you have never met it up close), around some cow patties and down some boulders.
Trek to the beach

We managed to luck onto low tide and were treated to mussel covered rocks. I guess that we should have named it “Muscle Beach” The kids were trying to figure out if we could use them for dinner.

The sand was wonderful and the kids had fun collecting shells and sea glass. It was nice not to have to worry about bothering anyone else on the beach because we were it.
A walk on the beach

While traipsing back through the fields, I took a closer look at the stone wall that we were scaling. They were probably constructed to 1) get stones out of the pasture and 2) to keep livestock in the pasture. I don’t know how long they have been there but there is a beauty in their construction and usefulness. Electric fences are more efficient but they certainly aren’t as cool looking.

Rocky Walls

These beauties belong to our landlord.
Our neighbors

Hard to believe that we get to wake up and see the view from this place every morning and then also enjoy the view looking back at it. The rates are reasonable, accommodations more than adequate and the scenery is spectacular!!
Coastguard Station

No special meals to tell you about today. We are using up the food that we still have in the refrigerator since tomorrow we move on to our next location. I did want to share a picture of the greatest thing in a jar. We found this in the grocery store near the Nutella. We like Nutella so we decided to give Cadbury milk chocolate spread a try. Oh My Word!!!! The kids described as melted chocolate in a jar. This may have to be smuggled in my luggage. Well, actually a different jar since this is almost gone!
Our new love

Join us tomorrow as we head to Kilkenny for an 8 night stay in the southeastern part of Ireland.

About amymapes

I am a mom with 3 kids who are growing up too fast. I love to bake and come up with hair-brained schemes that make my kids roll their eyes. We try to do lots of different things as a family....sometimes my kids even enjoy it!
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