Moving Days….

I am a little behind in my blogging. Yesterday was a literal moving day for us. We left our Coastguard Station in the Connemara region and headed for a rural area in southern County Kilkenny. Connemara is so beautiful in its ruggedness but as we headed towards the midlands, Ireland’s 50 shades of green start to appear around every bend. It was interesting (at least to a wannabe farm girl) to note the changes in the livestock that were in the fields. The beef cattle roaming the rocky pastures were replaced by large herds of black and white Holsteins in beautiful green fields!

Connemara sunshineClifden's church spiresAlmost constent roadside attractions

I threw this in just because I love these three!!
My good looking kids
We stopped part way through our journey to tour Birr Castle. The castle is gorgeous and is still a private residence. There is a dry moat to discourage visitors that didn’t take the Private signs seriously!

Even a dry moat can be discouragingBirr Castle

There is a great science center that explains a lot about astronomy and telescopes. The 3rd Earl of Rosse built a telescope in the 1840’s and it was the largest in the world for 70 years. The telescope is still there for us to see and is being restored.
Sean and the giant telescope

Once again it was sunny and warm in Ireland and a walk around the gardens was nice. We found a tree house that Clare thought would work as her own house.
The tree house every kids dreams of

We found our new home for the next week. It is a cute little cottage with all of the comforts of home….including a black dog who likes to hang out on our back porch.
Our cottage for the week

This morning we took a drive through County Wexford and Wicklow to go to church with some people from Thomas Road Baptist in Lynchburg. We had never met Tip and Laurie Killingsworth when they worked at TRBC and lived in Lynchburg but a good friend (Cheryl Morgan) mentioned that if we were going to be anywhere near the Killingsworth’s we should try to meet them. Well, God works in mysterious and miraculous ways. We were going to be 90 minutes away from them on a Sunday so we planned to meet at church.

We enjoyed a breathtaking drive…scenery, not Dave’s driving…to arrive at a church in a very small town. What a great service! After we not only met Tip and Laurie but also 2 interns from Liberty University that had just arrived 3 days before.

The Lynchburg contingent at Redcross church
We went to lunch with the Killingsworth’s at Mount Usher’s Gardens There is an amazing restaurant there along with an ice cream shop, stores and gardens to explore. Definitely worth a visit!

A Lunch at Mount Usher Garden's

After lunch we were privileged to take a tour of the facility where they are working with men and women who are fighting addictions. It is a biblically based program with about an 80% success rate. The whole place is wonderful from the giant boilers and vegetable gardens and greenhouses to the chickens and dogs. The really amazing thing is to meet the men and women who live there, have an opportunity to meet Christ and are overcoming their addictions. We had a tour guide, Wayne, who gave his testimony without even knowing that was what he was doing. He has only been a Christian for a short time but he is so excited about what the Lord has done in his life and others around him. He showed us a prayer wall that is filled with names of homeless people in Dublin that these recovering addicts minister to and prayer for. Wayne had been praying for one man on the wall for a month and was thrilled when that same man entered the program.

My kids were moved by their stories and want to help anyway that they can. Clare has already pledged her birthday money tithe to Tiglin! Check out the great work that they are doing at

The prayer wallTouring Tiglin's garden with Wayne

Where Tip and Laurie are serving God

Where Tip and Laurie are serving God

After our visit with Tip and Laurie at Tiglin they suggested that we go and see Glendalough Monastic site. Since the weather was completely out of character for Ireland, it was crowded with people that wanted to get out to the country. We were still able to find a parking place and have a nice walk around the monastic site and the lake.

Round tower at Glendalough

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3 Responses to Moving Days….

  1. Enjoyed a fabulous day with you five! May the rest of your time in Ireland be as sweet and memorable as today!!

  2. Susan says:

    Oh how many photos have been taken with these wonderful people! May God bless each of you and your work for the Lord. Wish we were there, Tip and Laurie!
    Love and blessings, The 5 Campbell’s

  3. Jody Halsted says:

    So glad you made it to Birr Castle! The tree house is new- I just received word of it the other day- so wonderful to see your photo!
    And Glendalough… so beautiful! Glad you had such nice weather for it!

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