Time to hit the city!

We had been doing pretty good at avoiding cities but on Thursday (June 13th), it was time to tour Kilkenny city.

Sean woke up with a stomach bug that morning. Yuck! I never want the kids to get sick at any time…let alone on vacation. Thankfully the sickness was short-lived and isolated to one child.
Ireland day 12 & 13 006

We spent the morning wandering the grounds of Croan Cottages (www.croancottages.com) getting some fresh air and allowing Sean so time to recover. I was so thankful that we had the flexibility of changing or cancelling our plans for the morning. I want the kids to experience everything possible but I don’t want to be militant about it. I would rather let the sickness fade in Sean’s memory than to add another abbey to the list of sights that we saw.
Ireland day 12 & 13 012
We did manage to make it into Kilkenny city for a few hours in the afternoon. My grandfather’s name was Kenneth (He was born to Scotch/Irish parents in America but spent his kindergarten year in Ireland). Sean’s middle name is Kenneth so we wanted to make sure to tour “his” castle.
Ireland day 12 & 13 027

It was an absolutely beautiful day to enjoy the grounds of Kilkenny Castle.
Ireland day 12 & 13 030Ireland day 12 & 13 034

We had a quick supper at Kyteler’s Pub and returned to the cottage to enjoy our desserts and to let Sean recover further.
Ireland day 12 & 13 051
Guinness Beef Stew. Think I may have to try making this at home!

Ireland day 12 & 13 053

One vital thing that I learned that day…I mean absolutely life changing….is that I loved warm Sticky Toffee Pudding!!! I am so making this once the summer is over. (Too hot in Virginia to properly enjoy such a luscious creation until fall)

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I am a mom with 3 kids who are growing up too fast. I love to bake and come up with hair-brained schemes that make my kids roll their eyes. We try to do lots of different things as a family....sometimes my kids even enjoy it!
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