America the Beautiful and humorous….

We were still in Idaho working our way north to Sandpoint but thoroughly enjoying the scenery along the way. The Salmon River has grown during our journey and is now fast and huge! There are whitewater rafting outfitters giving people a joy ride. We also had fun learning the fact that even “the deer and the antelope play” at the beach!!Central Idaho 063
This trip we have seen some really interesting National Parks and today we added yet another….Nez Perce National Historical Park. This park is a little different from the others. Instead of being about a place or event it is about a people and their long history. I am ashamed to admit that I really didn’t know anything about the Nez Perce before visiting the park. Thankfully there was a movie that was showing in the visitor center that explained some of their past…and present. The museum held amazing examples of artifacts. The beadwork was incredible as were the saddles and horse equipment.

On the Nez Perce Reservation

On the Nez Perce Reservation

Central Idaho 088
Central Idaho 084There is a beautiful picnic area below the visitor center that was perfect for our lunch! The grounds were great and flush toilet facilities always make my kids happy!

More driving and we pass miles and miles of barley and spring wheat crops. Others may just see the green fields but the way the wind blew through them it looked like it was alive. They weren’t amber…yet…but, as the song America the Beautiful says, it really was watching waves of grain.
Central Idaho 100
We are almost at our destination and we pass this great driveway marker. I had to get a picture!Idaho to Montana 002
Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. Ryan’s home for the next week. We are lucky enough to be able to join the group for a Dutch oven dinner around the campfire before we say goodbye. Can’t wait to hear about Ryan’s week riding horses and doing cowboy things! He might even do a blog post for me later.Central Idaho 108

Central Idaho 114

Central Idaho 122

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