Water, water, water…..

Water, mountains and trees. After leaving the desert-looking part of Idaho, those three words can describe most of the scenery.

Some of the water is in large lakes, some in small streams and other is in rapidly flowing rivers. We managed to find most of that in one day. I chose Libby, Montana as our next stopping point. It wasn’t going to be too far of a drive from Sandpoint, Idaho and quite frankly…. I am sick and tired of riding in a car!

We made our way through some twist, turny, up and down roads (with speed limits posted at 70 mph) to the Kootenai Falls Swinging Bridge and Falls. The Kootenai River is a pretty river and the water was flowing quite high and fast due the snow melt in the mountains. Idaho to Montana 039
The original bridge was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps but had been upgraded….otherwise I would have been too chicken to cross.
Idaho to Montana 037Idaho to Montana 018
My kids have no fear of heights….or much of anything….so they head right across. I have, shall we say, a healthy respect for things out of my control. I take my time and hold on but the view is spectacular!!Idaho to Montana 049
We then hike up to the falls and are rewarded with a great view and a cool mist!Idaho to Montana 107Idaho to Montana 083
Another drive and we end up at the Libby Dam. Libby Dam was constructed by and is run by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a hydro-electric plant. The sight as we head up their road is beyond impressive. The sheer size is breathtaking.Idaho to Montana 123Idaho to Montana 117
There are free guided tours that take you across the top of the dam and inside the facility. I would love to be able to show you pictures but cameras (or any electronic devices) are not allowed due to security concerns. You will have to believe when I say the views from the top and bottom are jaw-dropping.

The dam created Lake Koocanusa behind it. It is 90+ miles long and is in both the USA and Canada. The Army Corps of Engineers provides a great boating, swimming and picnic areas right near the dam that are available for the public to use. We found a nice picnic table and cooked our spaghetti dinner on the Coleman cookstove.
Idaho to Montana 122
Great day. Plus…..none of these activities cost any money!!!

About amymapes

I am a mom with 3 kids who are growing up too fast. I love to bake and come up with hair-brained schemes that make my kids roll their eyes. We try to do lots of different things as a family....sometimes my kids even enjoy it!
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