My idea of camping….

I was so happy as we started toward Glacier National Park. I had found cute cabins near the town of Polebridge, MT right outside of the park. We were going to stay in one place for 4 whole days!! No unpacking and repacking. A small but real kitchen that I could make meals in. Of course that means that I needed to plan menus and purchase all of our food since the nearest town was about an hour away on a dirt road. The kids helped me find everything that we would need for nice hot breakfasts and dinners. (Lunch was still going to have to be sandwiches since we were planning to be in the park during the day) Bacon was Sean’s one and only request….although he did ask for numerous pounds! Somehow the kids managed to talk Dave into a couple of quarts of Huckleberry ice cream.

Before we began our trek into the northern woods, we stopped at a little store called Outfitter’s Supply. My mother had purchased saddle/horn bags to use on her horses through the mail from them years ago. They were still working well so it was time for Ryan to get his own set. (They are a Christmas gift from his brother and sister so don’t tell him!) I guess I was expecting a large store since Outfitter’s Supply brand of packs (Trail Max) is carried at stores all over the country but we found a small store and we were the only customers at the time. That was just fine with me because we got great customer service from the ladies working there. We found bags that would work for Ryan and even got a couple of Christmas gifts for my mom. There were some beautiful western saddles that Clare was eyeing….until I showed her the price tags!

My kids have never been big campers. They like the outdoors but also want a bed and flush toilet. Outfitter’s Supply had an awesome camping display set up. A big white canvas tent with walls, a cot-type bed, comfy chairs, a small wood stove and all sorts of other comforts of home. No flush toilets but my kids were certain that they could be comfortable camping like that!! Really nice became a huge WOW! the minute we saw the (fake) mules displaying all of the pack options available to move all of those luxury camping supplies into the wilderness. Impressive is an understatement.

We cheated. We took our loaded rental SUV and started the drive north on the 40+ mile dirt road to our cabin with solar powered electricity, gas stove/oven, hot showers and FLUSH TOILETS! The road seemed primitive compared to a modern highway but not like heading into the wilderness with a string of pack mules.
Glacier National Park 083Glacier National Park 081Glacier National Park 378
As you can see we are really roughing it. There are four small cabins along with the owner’s log home. We have an amazing view of the mountain range in Glacier and a nice handmade bench from which to enjoy it. I made a pot of chili and we settled in for a relaxing evening. Tomorrow we hit the park!
Glacier National Park 092Glacier National Park 013Glacier National Park 001Glacier National Park 089

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I am a mom with 3 kids who are growing up too fast. I love to bake and come up with hair-brained schemes that make my kids roll their eyes. We try to do lots of different things as a family....sometimes my kids even enjoy it!
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